The Power of Marketing Mix Models: Optimizing ROI on Marketing Spend

In today's competitive business landscape, companies are constantly seeking ways to improve their return on investment (ROI) from marketing activities. Allocating marketing budgets effectively and identifying the most impactful marketing channels can be challenging. This is where marketing mix modeling comes into play. By leveraging statistical techniques and analyzing data, marketing mix models help businesses [...]
Audience measurement is an essential prerequisite for making media investment decisions. Without any measurement or an incomplete audience measurement, we do not know what the truth is, who is being short-changed and what are opportunities being missed out on. Perhaps this question would have not been relevant about three decades ago when there were only [...]
Analytics skills are highly relevant in the advertising and media sector, finding a number of applications. For Publishers (broadcasters, OTT platforms), analytics plays an important role in driving viewership (consumption of content) increasing the subscriber base and minimizing churn and monetizing advertising inventory through appropriate pricing and maximizing inventory utilization. Forecasting viewership or estimating demand for particular [...]
We measure video audiences primarily to: Understand preference for different types of content Measure exposure to any advertising that has been placed adjacent to or embedded within that content so that it can be priced fairly As the modes of access to video content  (in terms of both, distribution and devices) and advertising increase, the [...]

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